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The Best Menstrual Cups 2017

Best Menstrual Cups

A new trend has hit the market for your feminine hygiene needs: menstrual cups.  Here you can read about the best menstrual cups for your money, so you can decide for yourself if you want to give one a go!

For good reason, tons of women have fallen in love with their menstrual cups, calling them nothing short of life changing.

Here we give you the low-down on these magical little things, and list our personal favorites in ‘The Best Menstrual Cups of 2017’ shortlist!

But first…a quick run-down about Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are small cups made out of silicone, that is placed into the vagina to take care of your personal menstruation needs.

These cups are touted for their ability to take care of what you need them to take care of with several other benefits.

First, they get the job done cheaper. Just as an estimation, you could end up spending something like $2,400 on tampons and pads over the course of your menstruation lifetime. Compared to the approximately $120 you could spend if you were to use menstrual cups, menstrual cups are a clear winner.

Second, some women may prefer the hygienic qualities that menstrual cups offer. Instead of absorbing the menstruation, the cup catches the liquid, leading some to believe that there is less risk for toxic shock syndrome. Additionally, many women don’t particularly enjoy the visual of a soaked tampon or pad and would like a cleaner way to keep up with their period.

Lastly, the environmental effects of using menstrual cups instead of tampons or pads can be a major benefit to some women. Think of all the waste that wouldn’t exist if all women were to use menstrual cups instead of tampons. So, for a lot of reasons, these being the chief three, many women turn to menstrual cups for their personal menstrual care.

Finding the best Menstrual Cup for your needs…

As far as finding the right cup for you, trial and error might, unfortunately, be your best tool. Different brands of cups suit different needs for every woman.

Menstrual cups come in varying densities making for different levels of hardness. A thicker cup makes for a more difficult insertion because it is stiffer. But some women need this thickness to fit inside them better as well as to make sure that the cup pops open so it sets in the right way.

Additionally, sizing plays a role in making the right choice of menstrual cup. Most brands make their cups in a small and large size and trying the size that you think is right for you would be your first step to proper menstrual cup usage.

After only a little bit of experimentation, you should be able to find a cup that fits against your cervix well and begin to love the benefits of menstrual cups.
With all of this in mind, we have created a shortlist for the best menstrual cups that you can find.


The Lunette Menstrual Cup is one of the better options out on the market today. It is made of medical grade, FDA approved silicone and manufactured in Finland.

There are two sizes of this product: one for a light to moderate period and a larger cup for normal to heavier periods. Additionally, it comes in five (blue, coral, clear, violet, and yellow) beautiful colors.

The Lunette sports all of the great benefits that you should expect out of a cup. One of the best benefits of the Lunette cup over other brands is that its stem is long for easy removal.

Reviews of Lunette’s product do report a very typical learning curve for menstrual cups. It does take a few tries to figure out the totally correct way to fit your cup and determine the size that is the most correct for you.

However, after you do figure out the appropriate setup, you will have a much more enjoyable period. No leaking, no dirty tampons, no messy pads.

Also, it is worthy of note that the Lunette cup is a bit thicker than some other cups on the market. This may mean that it is too stiff for you to insert comfortably. But for those who can get this cup in, they should feel a more secure fit since it will be easy to pop open.

The Lunette cup has the highly regarded honor of scoring highest on surveys of females who have used various brands of menstrual cups. In fact, reports abound of women who traded from other brands to Lunette and loved it.

You can find the Lunette Menstrual Cup for $40 online.

All told, the Lunette Menstrual Cup is an amazing value and could be the most likely to let you get a great fit and no leakage. This, ultimately, earns it its place on the list of best menstrual cups.

Diva Cup

The Diva Cup is probably the most widely known of the menstrual cup options – but is this for a good reason? Looking to product reviews, the answer is a certain yes.

The Diva Cup definitely scores in the upper echelon of menstrual cup options. The Diva Cup comes in a smaller and larger size, making the perfect fit possible for any woman that wants to give menstrual cups a try. The smaller size is meant for women who have not given birth before. The larger size is for those who have.

Nearly every review of this product comes down to one simple refrain: “I won’t even think about using anything else ever again!” Women love the no-spill fit that they achieve with the Diva Cup once they find the right size.

They also appreciate the ease of use that comes along with it. The cup has a long stem for easy extraction but not so long that you will need to worry about it protruding anywhere.

It should be noted that the Diva Cup is one of the thicker options on the market. This may mean that it is too stiff for you to comfortably insert. However, it also may mean a more secure fit for those who do find that they can get the cup in comfortably. Reviewers say that they generally have no problem getting the cup to pop open to seal off their cervix.

At just $20, it is a small risk to try out the Diva Cup, as it could change every period you have for the rest of your life. You may even find that it is one of the best menstrual cups for you, personally.

The Diva Cup has absolutely struck a chord with the women who tried it and is sure to do the same with you.


The LENA Feminine Hygiene Cup is rated the second best cup on – and for good reason. This cup comes in two pretty colors (purple and turquoise) and two sizes for about $25.

These cups are made in California and are registered with the FDA so you know they are safe. LENA uses medical grade silicones and dyes to manufacture an awesome product that you are sure to love.

The LENA menstrual cup offers a healthier period by keeping you free of harmful tampons and pads. It is a more natural option that lets you stay pH balanced and without irritation.

LENA’s cup also allows you the freedom to stay active and happy, as you won’t have an uncomfortable apparatus keeping you from enjoying life.
Reviewers speak extremely highly of the LENA cup. In fact, it has the highest star rating on many sites across the internet. Reviewers note the ease of use that this product affords.

The stem on the cup makes it really easy to take out and clean for repeated use.

Also, the cup has proven to fit many differently shaped bodies. It even has found a nice middle ground of thickness that makes it decently comfortable for most to insert but still pops open easily when placed inside.

Since everyone is different, it is sometimes difficult to guarantee that a given cup is going to work for you. However, it looks like the LENA cup might just be your best bet. This higher rate of success with fitting many different women earns LENA’s cup a place on our shortlist of best menstrual cups.

Moon Cup

The Moon Cup is yet another great option on our list of the best menstrual cups. This cup comes in two sizes and is made of medical grade silicone, just like the other options on this list. It can be purchased for $30.

It comes in one clear color and is manufactured by a reputable company. In fact, they have been in business for over 20 years.

Downsides to the Moon Cup are minimal, with one major complaint of note. The cups aren’t exactly the biggest you can find so they may not work for women experiencing particularly heavy flows.

However, the strengths of this product are numerous. This particular brand is known for its durability, as it can be used for up to 5 years with no worries.

They are easy to clean as well as easy to use. Insertion and removal of these cups is notably easy compared to other brands, according to reviews of the product.

The cups are thin enough to make insertion simple and have a nice, long stem that makes them just as easy to remove. In fact, over 90% of reviewers across the internet give 5 star reviews for the Moon cup. This alone would make it one of the best menstrual cups on the market.

But another key factor deserves your attention here. If you consider yourself an active person, the Moon Cup should be your menstrual cup of choice. Customers who lead active lifestyles find that the Moon Cup is their absolute best option. It provides them the best protection, even during strenuous physical activity.

For these reasons, the Moon Cup is a go-to for a lot of women who have fallen in love with the product.

Blossom Menstrual Cup

Last, but certainly not least, on our list of the best menstrual cups is the Blossom Menstrual Cup.

This cup, like the others on the list, comes in two different sizes to allow you to choose the ideal fit for you. It also comes in the most colors at nine different options.

It is, of course, made of FDA approved, medical grade silicone, so you can be sure that it is safe.
Blossom’s product offers yet another high performing product that you are sure to love if you give it a try.

These cups are effective and affordable at just $15 for a cup that could last you through many periods. This $15 price is actually on the lower end of the spectrum but Blossom clearly didn’t sacrifice quality to get there.

The Blossom cup specifically mentions that you will have a much happier period because, unlike tampons, your body’s natural flow won’t be interrupted.

These cups will let you be your fun loving self since they won’t interfere with any activities you want to go after. Swim. Run. Sleep. Worry free. Additionally, the Blossom cup is a little thinner than other cups on the market, making it easier to insert for most women.

However, this thinness may cause a problem for you if the cup does not want to pop open to cover up your cervix. Certainly, through a little experimentation, you will find out if this thickness is right for you.

Also, some women note that the stem on this brand of menstrual cup is a bit shorter than other brands. This might make getting the cup out a little more difficult and messier than it might be with other brands.

Looking at reviews of this product across the internet, it looks like Blossom has made a quality product that women love. Of course, just like any menstrual cup, there are displeased customers out there that couldn’t find the right fit. But these reviewers are few and far between.

Most reviews call the Blossom Menstrual Cup nothing short of life changing.


Where can I buy a menstrual cup?

So now you’ve read about the best Menstrual Cups currently on the market, the next step is to shell out a few bucks, and give one a go — you have nothing to lose, and so much to possibly gain!

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