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Natural Sea Sponge Tampons as an Alternative To Commercial Tampons

The lowdown on using Sea Sponge Tampons.

The ultimate, all-you-need-to-know guide to Sea Sponge Tampons!!


In a sea of synthetic and commercial sanitary napkins, pads, tampons, menstrual cups and other over-the counter menstrual products available in the market today, women should be educated that there are eco-friendly, healthier, organic, and re-usable alternatives that they can use over the entire course of their menstruating years—one of which is natural sea sponge tampons!
Sea sponges are abundantly harvested by local sponge divers from the ocean floor. They have been known since the ancient times until today of being high-end alternative household applications and even personal care products like sanitary pads and tampons due to their natural qualities.


Sea sponge tampons contain no synthetic materials; they are highly absorbent, naturally soft, and highly-reputed for a long-lasting superior quality and very renewable material, as they are biodegradable making them the absolute product of choice for the eco-conscious woman.


Here are some other benefits of using natural sea sponge tampons as an alternative to commercial tampons.

  • Chemical-Free, Toxin-Free and Hypo-Allergenic


  • Genuine sea sponges also known as the natural sponge tampons contain natural enzymes that inhibit the growth of molds, mildews and bacteria. They don’t have any chemicals, have not undergone to any dyes, bleaching processes or contain any synthetic fibers that could cause sensitivity or allergic reactions most especially to the feminine area during the time of the month.


Sanitary pads especially of low quality are usually the culprit for vaginal rashes, abnormal vaginal discharge and itching during menstruation along with incorrect hygiene.

When the vagina remains to be damp without frequent change of the pad, it can even lead to yeast infection. Chafing is also another issue. Since sanitary pads are a bit bulkier, they can rub and scratch the dry areas while moving or walking which is a bit inconvenient.

Tampon on the other hand is more comfortable and convenient to use but has a slight risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). TSS is a very rare condition where bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause a potentially fatal illness. This happens when the tampon is not changed for a long period of time. The same applies to menstrual cups.
In comparison, using a natural sea sponge is a great advantage to your health because you are assured of its protection inhibited by the natural enzymes against bacterial growth that causes vaginal and yeast infection, foul odor and skin sensitivity.


Natural Sea Sponges Are Eco-Friendly And Fully Biodegradable

This is just another reason why a sea sponge is considered to an ideal choice for women during their periods especially those who care for the environment.

According to a study, a woman on average has her period from three to seven days that starts from age 13 until age 51.


That points that an average woman has some 456 total periods over 38 years of her life.
Imagine then the environmental effect especially with the disposal if we combine all the female population all around the world using synthetic sanitary pads, napkins, tampons and other commercial menstrual products knowing that these products are non-biodegradable!


The good news is sea sponges are able to grow back after they are harvested due to a process called regeneration, so they could be considered a sustainable resource. The harvesting process doesn’t require any chemicals or other products that can damage the environment so it indeed is a great investment.

High Quality and Practical to Use

Genuine sea sponge is incredibly a superior alternative than its processed counterpart. It is highly-absorbent because of its body full of pores and channels yet exceptionally soft and is durable. One sea sponge usually last about 6 months or more depending on proper handling and care.

The menstrual sea sponge usually cost between $12-20 dollars (for a package of 2) so it will cost you less than the sanitary pads and tampons.

When inserted properly, they sea sponge is very comfortable, convenient and discreet apart from it is easy to carry and odor-free even when you engage into strenuous activities like swimming and playing sports.


How To Use The Sea Sponge During Menstruation

Before using a sea sponge tampon, make sure that you dampen it, squeeze it tightly in your hand, and then gently insert and place it into your vagina.

Take note that naturally when the sea sponge is dry it is indeed hard, but once dampened it softens up immediately. It might be a little inconvenient at first but with a little bit of practice you’ll soon find it easy to insert and place. Once in place, it works like a natural tampon to absorb menstrual flow.


If still unsure, you can follow the instructions that go along the product or maybe check online for illustrations.


Proper Care of Natural Sea Sponges

Proper care and handling should still be implied when you using the natural sea sponge for your menstrual flow. The following are some pointers to do:

  • Sea sponge tampon needs to be rinsed out every 3 hours and thoroughly cleaned, patted dry, and properly stored at the end of each menstrual cycle.


  • You should be careful when taking out or when you remove the sea sponge to avoid tearing it.


  • You can wear the sea sponge even during intercourse, but make sure to remove and rinse or clean it thoroughly afterwards.


  • For sea sponge tampon, it is best if you follow the instructions on how to disinfect it.


  • In case your menstrual sea sponge had ripped apart when you are inserting or removing it from your vagina, or any indications of wear and tear, then it’s recommended to throw it away and replace it.


It is very important that women are so aware about their options so that they can better manage their menstrual cycle—rather than being managed by it!

Overall, natural sea sponge is a healthy choice to use during your menstrual period aside from the fact that it has a positive impact on the environment; you are also helping yourself out against vaginal infections, TSS and discharges because of its natural enzyme that protects you from bacterial growth.


It is chemical and toxin-free assuring you that it has not undergone to any chemical processes such as dyes and chemical bleaches.


Natural sea sponge is of high quality and durability at an affordable price plus when you use it, you are directly supporting the local sea sponge divers through sustainability of harvest beneficial for financial assistance to their families.
So make an impact to our global environment, invest in natural sea sponge today!


Where to buy Sea Sponge Tampons

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