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Jade Yoni Eggs and The benefits of Vagina Exercises

Why do Vagina Exercises?

Vagina exercises are highly beneficial for Kegel muscles — scientifically known as the Pubococcygeal (PC) muscle.  You can exercise these muscles yourself, or by using Jade Yoni Eggs, or other kegel devices.

The idea behind Kegel and Vagina exercise is to tone these often-overlooked muscles, as well as to strengthen them.   This can help avoid any pelvic floor problems now, or later on in life.  Jade Yoni Eggs offer us a way to make these exercises even more effective.

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The primary reason behind the original development of Kegel exercises was to help control incontinence in women following childbirth.

It is advisable to regularly exercise your Kegel muscles as an easy way to treat urinary stress incontinence before it even develops in the first place!

Another very good reason to do Vagina Exercise is that it makes your sex life much more pleasurable! You can actually improve your sex life with Kegel exercise. That’s right — Stronger Kegel Muscles = Better Sex!!

Regardless of your age, you should do Kegel exercises on a regular basis in order to have more satisfying and enjoyable intercourse!

The leading causes of weakened vaginal muscles

– Lack of exercise

– Pregnancy

– Advancing age

– Being overweight

It is a far better idea to start doing Kegel exercises early on in life, and maintain the strength of your vaginal muscles over time, than to leave it too late and try to rectify the problem later!

As you grow older, particularly during the menopause, the pelvic floor muscles are naturally weakened. Regular Kegel exercise will help to prevent this from happening.

We pay a huge amount of attention to our external looks by doing all manner of exercises for aesthetic reasons. However, Kegel exercise helps us to improve our body internally — you may not see these results on the outside, but they will make a huge difference to your life, now and in the future.

This exercise may not work wonders overnight, but with regular practice it will certainly reap some amazing results.

Some of you may even notice changes within as little as two weeks!

How to find the Kegel muscle?

If you still have no clue which muscle we are talking about — then the answer is the one which is used to stop the flow when you pee!

The muscle that helps you control your flow of urine, i.e. starting and stopping urination, is called the Pubococcygeus muscle.

However, one should avoid doing Kegel exercises while urinating! Wait until you get off the toilet…


Making sure it’s definitely the right muscle!

If you need further clarification, this is the exact same muscle that would cause your vagina to tighten around something — try inserting a finger and then make your vagina ‘clamp down’ around it.  That’s the very same muscle you’ll be strengthening!


The benefits of Kegel Exercises

– More intense and longer-lasting Orgasms

– Prolapse and Incontinence prevention

– Easier Childbirth and faster recovery of your muscles afterwards

– Increased Sexual Confidence

– More control in bed


How to do Kegel Exercises

– One of the easiest ways to start with Kegel exercises is to simply contract the vagina and then relax it. Repeat this at least 20-400 times a day depending on your strength — it may feel strange at first, but this is completely normal.

– Kegel Weights — also known as Jade Yoni eggs, Ben-wa balls or Vaginal weights make these exercises even more effective.

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